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One Page Financial Plan (Life In Harmony)

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For Financial Professionals Only:

A well-crafted One Page Plan can help share a client's story and financial picture all in one, easy to monitor document. While this shouldn't replace all of the information you would want to share with a client, or document for your recommendations, it can serve as a wonderful centerpiece to help guide conversations, make sure nothing major needs to be reviewed or changed, and most importantly, share with the client how you are helping them!

The template is designed with minimalism in mind, and will challenge you to break topics down to the core of what matters.

The "Why" of money is on the left, the "How" on the right. The Financial Plan exists at the intersection of these two items.

Included in this package are:

·         A customizable, One Page Plan Template (Microsoft Word ONLY)

(Google Doc and Canva Templates coming soon)

·        Embedded Excel Sheet to allow for easy updating of the Net Worth Chart

·         A PDF instruction guide to easily make this your own.

·         Minor troubleshooting (Please send a video with any issues by screen capturing with a tool such as Loom) to assist in your customization. I understand programs change over time, and may require minor tweaks. You will be added to an email list to help distribute any major troubleshooting changes.

·         Creator reserves the right to send optional product updates as the One Page Plan Template evolves, but has no obligation to do so. By purchasing this product, you agree to these terms.

Disclaimer: All Financial Planners using this template must comply with any and all State or Federal regulations when delivering this Financial Plan. We do not accept responsibility for any deficiencies or compliance violations while using this template.

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You'll get the One Page Plan template, PDF instructions to make it your own, and a guide copy PDF of what Matt Fizell uses with his clients.


One Page Financial Plan (Life In Harmony)

0 ratings
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